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    Accelerated Rehab

    Moving beyond healing. Getting you back to normal activities as quickly and safely as possible is an essential part of our healing philosophy at ProActive Health. Our goal is to help you enjoy an active and productive lifestyle, without the risk of recurring injuries.

    To improve your quality of life, we offer a restorative program of functional exercise. Functional exercise prepares your muscles for everyday tasks by practicing common movements that you might do at home, at work or in sports. Functional exercise is different from a typical workout at the gym because it is carefully designed to improve the physical limitations caused by your injury or health condition. In addition to helping you get stronger, this program improves your flexibility, balance, range of motion and body awareness, so that you can move comfortably and carry out normal activities without pain, discomfort or risk of injury.

    Your Brain – The Most Important Muscle

    Our customized exercise program emphasizes your level of effort and comfort, rather than the number of exercise repetitions that you’ve completed. Current research shows that simply stretching or strengthening a muscle through multiple repetitions will not necessarily improve how that muscle functions.

    More important than training the muscle is training the brain. Your mind and body must work together to produce efficient movement – this is called motor control. How you perform each movement, with conscious awareness of your body as you exercise, is critical to your recovery and your ability to return successfully to normal activities.

    Focused motor learning sessions, using hands-on techniques, will heighten your body awareness and retrain your brain to correct movement faults. We will also develop strategies to help strengthen your mind-body connection and integrate these improved movement patterns into your daily life.

    Improving Your Daily Functionality

    Your exercise program will take your specific health needs and activity goals into consideration to promote strengthening, stretching and mobilization. You will learn the exercises in our comfortable, well-equipped exercise room, and practice them at home. Your physiotherapist will guide your training and provide corrective feedback to ensure that you are performing each exercise properly.

    Special emphasis will be put on tasks that will improve your functionality at work and play. This may involve teaching you to safely perform common tasks, such as lifting, bending, running, reaching, throwing, sitting and standing.

    As your symptoms improve, your therapist will expand your exercise routines to help you return to normal activities. Depending on your needs, you may also benefit from a core training program with rehabilitative ultrasound imaging. This advanced therapy provides you with instant biofeedback to enhance the mind-body connection and help you get stronger, faster. The more time and effort you commit to your functional exercise program, the more improvement you will see in your quality of life and the longer your body will stay healthy and active.

    Improving Your Posture

    Good posture is also essential for good health. When you maintain good posture, your bones, muscles and joints are properly aligned so that you can function normally, with more energy and less stress and fatigue.

    Poor posture causes you to tire easily and reduces your endurance levels when you work, play and exercise. It can also have a negative effect on many of your bodily systems, including your breathing, digestion, pain patterns and core muscle control. Poor posture usually results from a combination of factors, such as poor sitting, standing and sleeping habits, accidents and injuries, muscle imbalances or excessive weight gain – even your choice of shoes and mattress can have an impact on your posture!

    To address these issues, your treatment program will include instruction on proper body alignment. We’ll provide you with corrective exercises, customized to the demands of your daily life, and lifestyle tips to help you achieve and maintain good posture. It’s never too late to develop good habits that will protect your health for a lifetime.

    We’ve also developed a helpful e-book: The Best Ways to Sit, Stand and Sleep to Keep Your Body Healthy, with easy-to-follow photographs and instructions that you can download for free.

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