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Sitting is the New Smoking So You Better Get Exercising!

We sit A LOT Life for many of us involves sitting for prolonged periods of time, whether that be commuting to work, sitting at a desk when you get there, watching television, gaming or connecting with internet and social media And it’s Bad   Sedentary behavior is associated with increased disease and death rates from many […]



What is sciatica? Sciatica is leg pain that follows the sciatic nerve distribution. Frequently it is caused by irritation of the origins of the sciatic nerve in the spine. Sometimes people experience pins and needles/tingling or numbness. There are however more reasons than just nerve irritation that can cause back and leg symptoms which can […]

The Importance of Breathing Well

Breathing is something that we do from when we get here to when we leave but that doesn’t mean that we do it well. The average person breathes around 30,000 times a day and if each breath is only a fraction off normal the overall effect is significant. People tend to change their breathing in […]


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